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World’s First Social Media Story Tool Creates Opportunity For Sports Organisations

The world’s first social media story tool is presenting a unique opportunity for sports organisations and brands, with story posting growing 15 times faster than news feed posting.

Storymate, a social media tool that allows users to optimise their story from a computer, allows users to take advantage of the growing trend of content in stories, with 300 million out of 500 million users on Instagram engaging with stories daily.

The tool will not only increase exposure for marketing departments globally but also provide opportunities for sports organisations to enhance and increase fan and community engagement with on average 15-25% of users responding to a call to action in a story.

Storymate founder, Luke Maguire, has been partnering with Facebook & Instagram specifically for the past four years, generating over AUD$8 million in revenue and allowing users to automate the entire process of using social media platforms.

“Storymate is the only social media tool that allows you to select a proven to convert, Instagram & Facebook story template, edit the content with your own imagery or text, add your own music or select from our large library, render & then instantly sync to your phone to be posted to Facebook and Instagram stories, “ Luke Maguire, Founder of Storymate told Ministry of Sport.

“It essentially allows you to create highly converting, beautifully animated stories in minutes that otherwise would cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars each and take days to do in just a few minutes.”

Storymate has been designed to be as easy to use as possible, which means that even business owners without social media marketing experience can use it by simply clicking a template, uploading their own content, or selecting from the royalty-free content available.

Tayla Whalley

Tayla Whalley