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Women In Sport Photo Action Awards Exhibition To Feature In Melbourne’s CBD

Australia’s peak national advocacy body for women in sport, Women Sport Australia (WSA), will use a free public exhibition of the award-winning images from Women in Sport Photo Action Awards, #WISPAA, to showcase the skill, strength and athleticism of Australia’s sportswomen in action.

#WISPAA was conceived to help change media and public perception and portrayal of women in sport.

It was triggered by the number of images that depicted elite sportswoman in smiling stationary poses, often with a ball under their arm or a bat over their shoulder.

The success of the #WISPAA awards has resulted in a stand-alone exhibition that will be staged from June 11-28 at 50 Lonsdale Street, in Melbourne’s prestigious and historically-rich parliamentary precinct.

#WISPAA creator and Director of Women Sport Australia (WSA), Louise Evans, said the exhibition, featuring 30 images taken by the #WISPAA winners, runners-up and finalists, marks another historic milestone in the evolution of women in sport in Australia.

“For the first time there will be a public exhibition devoted solely to stunning action photographs of Australia’s female athletes in flight, performing great feats and fearlessly fighting to succeed,” she said.

“You will be able to get up close and marvel at the intimidating level of power, courage, control and skill captured in these inspirational images by the award-winning #WISPAA photographers.”

To engage both elite and grassroots photographers, two #WISPAA award categories were launched – one for professionals and one for amateur photographers.

The response was overwhelming with hundreds of images submitted by hundreds of photographers around Australia.

Now 30 of these images selected by the #WISPAA judges will go on public display.

You can also view thumbnails of all the winners, runners-up and finalists on the WISPAA website here:

Shaun Carney

Shaun Carney