Wimbledon To Increase Tournament Capacity

he All England Club has announced plans to increase the tournament capacity for Wimbledon.

Expansion work will begin in January 2022, with plans to build 39 new courts and a new 8,000-seater show court.

The new show court is set to have a retractable roof and be situated amongst ancient oak trees, with construction predicted to finish in 2030.

This would make it the third-largest court at the Grand Slam tournament, behind Centre Court and Court One.

The expansion comes after Wimbledon acquired land from Wimbledon Park Golf Club in 2018 for approximately AUD$115 million.

Prior to planned construction next year, they will first be submitting a planning application in July.

If successful, the developments will increase capacity at the tournament from 42,000 to 50,000 per day.

The intention is to also host all tournament qualifying matches on-site from 2028.

Environmental goals are also a major component of Wimbledon’s plans, as they are working towards becoming a carbon-neutral event by 2030, as well as restoring the land they have bought for development.

The existing serpentine lake will be restored, along with 1,000 trees which will be re-planted.