‘We’re automating the process of broadcasting live sport’: The sports journalist changing the game for sports bars

Patrick Galloway spends most his week researching and telling stories around issues in sport, working as a sports journalist based in Sydney.

Today, he’s the focus after his digital platform, Sportsyear, has taken off in the Australian hospitality industry as a live sports planning and promotional tool that is changing how sports bars do business.

“Sportsyear automates the entire process of broadcasting live sport for venues,” Galloway said.

“We’re deeply personalising a sports schedule that resonates with a venue’s demographic and then we’re helping our partners communicate it across all their various digital touchpoints.”

“Sportsyear also allows venues to operate more efficiently, in what really is quite a complex environment where fans are looking for atmosphere and sound as part of their experience.

Sportsyear has been adopted by over 100 venues inside the last 12 months including the biggest and best in the industry, such as the Star Casino, hospitality group Solotel and NSW Clubs industry powerhouse Mounties.

Customer Experience and Loyalty Manager at Mounties, Mark McDonough, says Sportsyear has changed the game for his venue.

“We’re no longer spending hours each week on the live sports schedule. Staff are always in the know and we’re getting great insights on what’s ahead.” McDonough said.

“Those in hospitality who are all about efficiency and creating a great customer experience look at what we’re offering and instinctively are drawn to the service,” explained Galloway.

The rise of US sports, such as the NBA and NFL which take place during lunchtime hours for venues, as well as Australia’s usual appetite for traditional sports, has increased demand for Sportsyear.

That’s coupled with the fragmentation of sports broadcast, which has seen the likes of Optus Sport, ESPN, Fox Sports, BeIN Sports, Eurosport and the free-to-air networks all maintain their share of sports rights.

It’s compounded the planning and marketing challenges that venue and marketing managers in hospitality are facing.

Galloway, who recently completed an MBA at UNSW in Sydney, says his skills working as a journalist and producer in sports media have helped him effectively communicate Sportsyear’s offer as well as empathise with customers.

“Part of innovating is understanding people’s pain points to then create a desirable product,” Galloway said.

“It’s been a pleasure talking to and meeting the people in the hospitality industry, who are so focused on creating the most amazing experience for their customers.”

“We are honoured to be helping them by proving them with access to Sportsyear’s knowledge of sport and our innovative platform of sports fixture data, Sportsyear.”