Victorian Government Announces $150 Million Fund For Sport, Tourism and Cultural Industry

The Victorian government has announced the Experience Economy Survival Package, that will add $150 million across the sport, tourism, and cultural industries.

The package includes $40 million for community sport and recreation bodies including state sporting associations, leagues, and clubs, $16 million for national sporting organisations, $5.3 million for the State Sport Centres Trust and the Kardinia Park Stadium Trust, and $44 million to the state’s racing industry.

Victoria minister for jobs, racing and tourism, Martin Pakula, said the investment package is a decision that is ‘based on need’.

“Victorians love turning out for big events and while they can’t do that currently, this support will go a long way to making sure our tourism, sport and racing bodies can rebound quickly as restrictions are lifted,” Pakula said.

Football Federation Australia (FFA) chief executive, James Johnson, welcomed the Victorian government’s support package, saying the $150 million will go to help every level of sport in Victoria.

“Football at every level has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic, with the suspension of football activity having severe implications on the financial health of the game,” Johnson said.

“As a sport of nearly two million participants and over 2,300 community clubs across the country, football has felt the impact of COVID-19 more than most sports, particularly in states like Victoria where we have some of our largest numbers of participation.

“This Survival Package will assist our community, semi-professional and professional clubs, and administrative bodies, during this difficult period.

“It will help ensure football can come out of the pandemic in a strong position and able to play a leading role in the recovery of Victoria.

“FFA commends Daniel Andrews’ Government for taking the lead in supporting sporting institutions, and we look forward to the return of community football training and competition in Victoria as soon as is possible.

“Football is going to play a key role in the recovery of Australian society, and we remain focused on being a key partner for all levels of government in this respect,” he said.