‘The Last Dance’ Is Most-Viewed Original Content On ESPN Since 2004

The four episodes that have been released so far of ‘The Last Dance’, the 10-part documentary on the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls’ pursuit of a sixth championship in eight years, are now the four most-viewed original content broadcasts on ESPN since 2004.

With episodes three and four drawing very similar average viewership numbers on ESPN and ESPN2 to the season premiere, the early success of the series has seen the four episodes make up four of the top six most-viewed telecasts among adults 18-34, since almost all sports were either suspended or cancelled in March.

The first episode of the series recorded an average viewership of 6.34 million people, followed by episode three with 6.14 million, episode two with 5.792 million and finally, episode four with 5.657 million people, in the US alone.

The docuseries has already become the most-viewed ESPN documentary content ever, with never-before-seen footage from an NBA videography team that followed Michael Jordan and the Bulls around through the season and exclusive current interviews with Jordan and a number of his teammates, opposing players, coaches, media members and celebrities.

Episodes five and six are set to air on ESPN and Netflix on Monday, May 4 around the world.