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The Australian Open Will Play Host To A $500,000 Fortnite Tournament

The largest competitive gaming event in Australian history, the Fortnite Summer Smash at the Australian Open, will be played at Margaret Court Arena on January 27th.

Australia’s best Fortnite players are set to compete in a solos tournament with a further 100 personalities from sports, entertainment and the gaming world taking part in a Pro-Am duos tournament for a record $500,000 in combined prize money and charitable donations.

The Fortnite Summer Smash solos event will consist of three phases – registration, a qualifying stage and finals stage.

The first 500 people to register on Wednesday, January 9th will get to take part in the qualifiers on January 26th with the top 100 players (20 from each of the five heats) moving on to the Grand Final (taking place on January 27th).

A 3 match charity Pro-AM duos event will be held after the solos, and features some of Australia’s best players from gaming and entertainment.


1st place                  $100,000
2nd-3rd place        $50,000
4th-6th place         $25,000
7th-10th place       $5,000
11th-15th place      $3,000
16th-20th place     $2,000
21st-100th place    $1,000


1st place                   $50,000
2nd-3rd place         $20,000
4th place                  $10,000

Shaun Carney

Shaun Carney