Women in sports

Study Reveals Women’s Sports Fans Are More Likely To Purchase Sponsor Products

ports marketing agency, The Space Between, has conducted a new study, finding women’s sports fans are 25% more likely to purchase sponsor products than fans of men’s sports.

The agency also reported 50% of women’s sports fans strongly agree sponsors should aim to make the world a better place, while only 20% of men’s sports fans agreed.

The study also found 40% of women’s sports fans consider sponsors brands reflecting their own values are of great importance, while only 20% of men’s fans hold the same views.

The study suggested brand recalls are twice as likely among women’s sports fans than men’s sports fans as a result, with purpose being identified as a critical element in activations in order for brands to be successful.

The report concluded that compared to men’s sports fans, women’s sports fans are also more tech-savvy and are more likely to take an eco-friendly and community-orientated approach.

The Space Between co-founder, Lisa Parfitt, said: “Having new insight and data on women’s sport is critical to the progression and continued momentum of its commercialisation.”

“It’s time for the industry to place more focus on the value of women’s sport fans attitudes and behaviours, for brands with a purposeful persuasion to understand the potential rewards and for sports to sell women’s sport in a new way,” Parfitt said.

The Space Between co-founder, Adam Raincock, added: “It’s time for the narrative about the commercial and marketing value of women’s sport.”

“We need to alter the way we look at this audience from a focus on the quantity of the audience to the quality.

“There is a fundamental difference in how the audience connects with women’s sport.

“It’s deeper and more meaningful, and so, therefore, brands that get it right have an opportunity to create better and more valuable relationships with these fans,” Raincock said.