Sports Codes Issued Infringement Notices Over Use Of Aboriginal Flag On Jerseys

The AFL, along with clothing suppliers and several Aboriginal companies who use the Aboriginal flag on clothing have been issued infringement notices from the company that holds worldwide exclusive rights to use the Aboriginal flag.

WAM Clothing, a new Queensland-based business, secured the exclusive licence to reproduce the Aboriginal flag on clothing in late 2018 and has threatened legal action against several organisations.

Since acquiring it, the company is understood to have issued notices to the NRL and AFL over their use of the flag on Indigenous-round jerseys.

In addition, a Victorian-based health organisation, Spark Health, which produces merchandise with the flag on it, was issued with a cease and desist notice last week and given three business days to stop selling their stock.

As reported by the ABC, a spokesman for the NRL said the organisation was aware of the notices, but would not comment further while the AFL has confirmed it has been “in communication with WAM Clothing in relation to the use of the Aboriginal flag.”

WAM Clothing has advised that it was “in discussions with the NRL, AFL and other organisations regarding the use of the Aboriginal flag on clothing”.

A spokesperson for WAM Clothing added that the company “has a strong desire to promote the Aboriginal flag in a positive light”, and “has been actively inviting any organisations, manufacturers and sellers who wish to use the Aboriginal flag on clothing to contact us and discuss their options.”