Pittsburgh Knights Sign Partnership With Newly Launched Online Platform Boost Gaming

orth American Esports organisation, the Pittsburgh Knights, have signed a deal with online digital gaming shop, Boost Gaming.

Under the deal, Boost Gaming, which is offered by global payments provider Blackhawk Network, will become a “champion partner”, seeing them collaborate with the organisation for activations across all its Esport teams, influences, and “Knights Arena” tournaments.

In a statement, director of business development at Pittsburgh Knights, Matt Roche, said the two parties’ visions are completely aligned.

“The Knights are looking forward to working with a company whose foundation and focus align with theirs, a love of gaming and the community around it,” Roche said.

“Boost Gaming and the Knights share this goal of serving and supporting the gaming community.

“We’re both working to elevate the gaming experience together and we’re glad they’ll be such a major part of Knights Arena and our community Esports events,” he said.

The Knights have had dealings with Boost Gaming previously, with the latter sponsoring the Knights’ Wingman Cup held last month.

Director of business development at Blackhawk Network, Scott Aird, said the growth of the brand was paramount in the decision to partner with the Knights.

“Our partnership with the Pittsburgh Knights organisation represents a major commitment for the Boost Gaming brand to continue to support the growth of Esports and content creators,” Aird said.

“The global gaming market is exploding, and the opportunity to help elevate the competitors and content creators is built into the core passion of our entire team,” he said.

Boost Gaming partners with renowned streamers, content creators, and Esports athletes to boost their partner referral model.