Over Two-Thirds Of Australian Sports Fans Want Live Sport Exclusively Online

ccording to Grabyo’s 2021 sports video trends report, over two-thirds of sports fans in Australia now want to watch sports exclusively on streaming devices.

Grabyo surveyed over 15,000 consumers across 14 countries to identify the viewing and purchasing habits of global consumers.

In 2019, 53% of sports fans were ready to pull the plug on broadcast TV subscriptions and switch exclusively to online streaming.

Globally, 79% of sports fans report they are ready to switch to online streaming only for sport.

Since 2019, Grabyo reports broadcast TV subscriptions have fallen 9% among global sports fans, while online streaming services have increased by 41%.

The likes of Kayo Sports and Stan Sport contain a variety of live sport in the Australian market; however, 58% of fans won’t abandon broadcast TV subscriptions yet because there is not enough variety and content on streaming services.

Grabyo reports also find a high demand for free-to-access sports content across social media, beginning to rival broadcast TV for attention.

With over half of Australian sports fans using social media to access sports content, 66% want to see more live broadcast content on social media.

In comparison, 50% want more instant highlights and social videos.

Grabyo Australia/New Zealand head, Marcello Fabiano, said: “Broadcasters and media rights holders across sport must act fast to align their video strategies with what consumers are asking for.”

“Attracting younger viewers and growing the reach of all sports is paramount, and the blueprint for doing this is clear (online streaming),” he said.