2020 tokyo olympics opening ceremony

Olympics Opening Ceremony Broadcast Figures Revealed

he opening ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games on Channel Seven has recorded the biggest television audience of the year in Australia.

The event saw over 2.7 million people watch the event, ranking higher than the opening ceremonies for both the Rio 2016 and London 2012 Olympics.

Seven also revealed the post wrap of the event has over 1.3 million viewers, with 2.12 million viewers as the Australian Olympic Team entered, and 2.24 million viewers for the countdown to the start of the Games.

These broadcast ratings were vastly different to NBC’s broadcast of the opening ceremony in the US, which recorded 16.7 million viewers but rated as the smallest audience for the event in 33 years.

The broadcaster revealed the audience was a 37% drop on the 2016 Olympic Games opening ceremony which drew 26.5 million viewers, and a 59% drop from 2012, where 40.7 million viewers watched the opening ceremony.

The 16.7 million figure represents both television and online streaming audiences for the broadcaster and includes both the live broadcast in the early hours of Friday morning in the US and a primetime broadcast 12 hours later.

Despite the comparative drop to previous Games, NBC revealed the event was the second most-watched program on its network since March of 2020, behind only the Oprah Winfrey interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.