New Study Shows New Zealand Is Leader In Women Sports Coverage

port NZ and Isentia have released a report ranking New Zealand as the top nation in the world for women’s sport coverage.

The report shows 15% of New Zealand sport coverage represents women’s sport, with New Zealand’s representation of women’s sports doubling Australia which currently represents women’s sports in 7% of its coverage.

On the results of the report, Sport NZ chief executive, Raelene Castle, said: “It’s about creating a benchmark, shining a light on what’s good and what’s not, and starting a conversation to create positive change.

“It’s also not good enough.

“With New Zealand set to host three women’s world cups from 2021 to 2023, we have an opportunity to showcase and celebrate women’s sport.

“This needs to be coming through in what media are reporting.

“We need to show female athletes they are valued.

“We need the media to showcase their achievements so that they have greater ability to inspire,” she said.

The report shows the media was two times more likely to comment on a women athlete’s personal life compared to a men’s athlete.

Women athletes were also three times more likely to have their appearance commented on compared to men.

The top sports in majority of women coverage compared to men was netball (93%), gymnastics (84%), and snow sports (83%).

Men in the top five sports accounted for 72% of total sport coverage while women in the same sports accounted for 7%.

Of all coverage, men’s sports were five times more likely to be covered compared to women’s sports.

Boxing had the biggest discrepancy with men 20 times more likely to be covered compared to women.

In the media, women journalists accounted for 21% of by-lines and covered 23% of women by-lines and 14% of men by-lines