NBA Approves Additional Sponsors On Training Jerseys

he NBA has approved for teams to display additional sponsors on their practice jerseys during team training and shootarounds.

The NBA first added sponsor patches on match day uniforms in 2017, which have ultimately been an overwhelming success for both the league and the brands associated with patches.

Some of those original sponsor patch deals have seen the Los Angeles Lakers draw in around $14 million a year for their sponsorship deal with Wish.

The new announcement is expected to increase a lot more revenue for NBA teams, which will come at a much-needed time due to the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Currently, all NBA teams have a corporate logo on the front of their game jerseys (two if you include Nike’s swoosh, as they are the kit supplier).

The Utah Jazz, who are partnered with Qualtrics, have decided to not display their logo on the training jersey’s, instead using the jersey to spread awareness for the “5 for the fight” campaign which raises money for cancer research.

As of 2019, the Jazz and Qualtrics had raised more than $24 million.

The cancer research advertisement on the jersey is the only kit that serves to raise money for a cause rather than a business venture.

The Jazz and Qualtrics deal will run through to 2023.