Ministry Of Sport Farewells Q3 2021 Intern Team

ollowing another successful internship program intake, Ministry of Sport has officially farewelled the Q3 2021 intern team.

Kaleah Salmon and Zoe Scott spent the past 12 weeks of the internship program working tirelessly to produce content across Ministry of Sport and establish themselves as respected journalists in the Australian sports industry.

Intern: Zoe Scott

Intern: Kaleah Salmon

Reflecting back on the 12-week program, Scott said: “I cannot thank the team at Ministry of Sport enough for giving me the opportunity to intern with them over the last 12 weeks.”

“The real-life experience and knowledge I have learnt from them will forever be unmatched compared to any learning I have done so far.

“I received an incredible amount of support during my time and have mastered a writing style that I will take further with me in my studies and future career.

“I am so glad I took the opportunity as I have learnt things about business in sport that I never thought I would, from broadcast viewers to trade deals, esports, sponsorships, and commercial partnerships; it has been fantastic.

“I am forever grateful to the team at Ministry of Sport for the opportunity I was given,” she said.

On the learnings from the internship, Salmon said: “Interning with Ministry of Sport has provided an invaluable learning experience that has strengthened both my journalism and communication skills.”


“Learning from two different minds, an academic and a creative, has grown and at times challenged my perspective on journalism.

“This is what has developed me into a greater journalist, by making me think, question and discover outside the box.

“The internship has been an outstanding gateway into the world of sports journalism, helping not only my writing skills but also allowing me to acquire an abundance of black book contacts I would not have had access to otherwise.

“Gaining this real-word experience has now given me immense confidence in my ability to tackle whatever career opportunities the future holds,” she said.

Ministry of Sport editor, Joshua Hodson, praised the efforts of both Scott and Salmon, saying they have proven themselves as valuable journalists.

“Kaleah and Zoe, over the course of the 12-week internship program, have grown to a tremendous standard of journalism and have truly showed their worth as young, promising Australian journalists,” Hodson said.

“They have both produced some incredible work to a very high journalistic standard and have become very valued members of the Ministry of Sport team over the past 12 weeks.

“I am excited to see what they can achieve over the course of their careers, and they will definitely have the full support of Ministry of Sport whichever direction they go,” he said.