Matildas Break Women’s Sport Broadcast Record

he Matildas have become the most watched women’s sporting team in Australian television history after their match against Sweden at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

A record breaking 1,468,747 fans tuned in to watch the Matildas take on Sweden in round two of Tokyo 2020, officially the largest audience of women’s team sport in Australian TV history.

Just hours before the Matildas went up against USA, the Matildas made a statement on Twitter, saying:

Before the Matildas game, the previous record-holders for the largest TV audience in Australia for women’s sport was the Australian Open when 1.41 million people watched Naomi Osaka faced Serena Williams.

The runner-up before the Matildas game was the Women’s ICC T20 World Cup Final in March 2020 with 1.2 million viewers for the Australia and India match.

The Matildas opening round game of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics against New Zealand broke a record of its own prior to the Sweden game, becoming the most watched Matildas game of all time with 916,000 viewers in Australia.

The previous most-watched Matildas game was against Italy at the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup, which drew 571,000 viewers.

The Matildas took on USA in the early hours of this morning, as previous TV history record holders, it will be interesting to see how the broadcast numbers play out later today.