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Healthway Becomes Principal Partner Of Junior Football In Western Australia With New $400,000 Deal

The West Australian Governments goal to have the highest percentage of the population with a healthy weight in Australia by 2029, is reflective of the new two-year, $400,000 partnership between Healthway and the West Australian Football Commission.

The partnership with see Healthway become the principal partner of junior football in Western Australia and is set to provide healthy eating choices across 239 junior clubs State-wide.

Healthway will also deliver the Go for 2&5 healthy eating message to around 91,000 junior footballers and more than 48,000 community volunteers.

The Go for 2&5 message is about increasing awareness and encouraging the community to eat more fruit and vegetables to help maintain positive health and wellbeing.

“Starting positive eating habits during childhood can have long-term advantages for health and wellbeing, which in turn reduces risk factors for so many chronic conditions,” health minister, Roger Cook, said.

“Junior football club canteens will be making changes that encourage and support players and families to make healthier food and drink choices on game day.”

The $400,000 partnership will increase access to nutritious food and drink choices at canteens, with clubs receiving training and support from the WA School Canteen Association to review their menus and make changes in line with nutrition guidelines.

Eating more fruit and vegetables along with drinking water instead of sugary drinks will be promoted through a range of strategies, including Go for 2&5 banners around the ground, canteen signage and education resources.

Increasing healthy eating for Western Australians is a key priority identified through Healthway’s Strategic Plan Active Healthy People: 2018-2023.

Shaun Carney

Shaun Carney