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Euroleague Basketball Sign First-Of-Its-Kind CBA

uroleague Basketball and Euroleague Players Association (ELPA) have signed a first of its kind Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) to boost the growth of the competition.

The Euroleague Framework Agreement (EFA) will last until the end of the 2023/24 season, with players assured minimum remuneration, salary, safeguards, and cooperation regarding the season calendar.

The two parties say it will reinforce the commitment between the league, clubs and players to provide a clear, unified and safe framework of cooperation amongst all clubs.

While growing the competition, the EFA will also reinforce the players’ role as the main protagonists and business partners.

The agreement was made after the ELPA was formed in 2018 to focus on a predictable and stable relationship between the playing group and the league.

The CBA will also include salary payment safeguards and cooperation in different areas, including the calendar, safety protocols, doping, and game rules.

Dispute resolution mechanisms, regulated image and commercial rights, limits on length and duration of training camps, monthly days off, and medical services improvement are also among the features of the CBA.

Due to the unreliability of COVID-19, the CBA will provide a system to protect both Euroleague Basketball and ELPA in the event any teams become financially impacted by force majeure situations.

Euroleague Basketball president and CEO, Jordi Bertomeu, said: “After talking with the ELPA consistently over the last years, the confirmation of this agreement today makes it clear to everyone that our clubs and players are now stronger partners than ever in growing this sport we all love.”

ELPA managing director, Bostjan Nachbar, reiterated: “Since ELPA’s founding, it has been our priority to reach a collective agreement, which would standardise the relationship between players and clubs across the Euroleague.”

“This has been a long and challenging process that required a lot of time and effort on both sides.

“Many of our members, especially the Player’s Board, have unselfishly dedicated their time for the betterment of working conditions for all current and future Euroleague players.

“I believe we now have a solid base to work on even more improvements in the future, while at the same time players will have the opportunity to see their careers grow together with the further development of the league itself,” Nachbar said.

Euroleague Basketball will additionally carry out league-wide team meetings with the players to present rules and guidelines before each season to discuss any issues.