Budweiser Honours Dwayne Wade’s Retirement, But, It’s Not A Beer Commercial

From featuring in NBA highlight reels to performing clutch plays, it’s easy to get caught up in the hype around Dwayne Wade’s ability to play basketball, but, what Budweiser has captured in this deeply emotional advertisement, is Wade’s impact off the court and the legacy he will leave.

Dwayne Wade has just played his last game in the NBA after 16 seasons at the top, with Miami Heat losing 113-94 to the Brooklyn Nets on Wednesday night.

In honour of his retirement, Budweiser has released an advertisement which touches on the jersey swapping Wade became known for in his final season, before introducing the people that have been affected by the generosity of the NBA legend, including his mother, Pastor Jolinda Wade.

Instead of Budweiser using this opportunity to focus on revenue by marketing their beer, or creating a ‘Wade Lager’, they have opted to tell the story of how Dwyane Wade’s impact off the court was just as profound as his game on the court.

It is an important observation to note in the marketing and business of sport; the storytelling from Budweiser has created emotion amongst fans and ultimately made an association with them as a result of the commercial.

In the celebration of Wade’s career and the reflection of his retirement, Budweiser has made the viewer feel like the beer company is one of them and has asked for their loyalty in doing so.

This Bud’s for 3…