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Brazilian Soccer Club Gremio Installs Jersey Vending Machines in Local Airport

Brazilian soccer club Gremio has installed a kit vending machine at Salgado Filho International Airport to see if the Brasileiro Serie A club’s fans can be tempted to buy the jerseys.

The new and innovative marketing tactic will be tested for 90-days before considering a more long term situation inside the airport.

Just like purchasing soda or candy from a traditional vending machine, a user simply presses a button to receive a shirt.

“The concept of this [Gremio] machine is new to the football segment so we need to enter the market on an experimental basis,” Gremio marketing executive, Beto Carvalho said.

“But taking into account the ease of distribution, coupled with the accessibility, practicality and instantaneousness with which the product reaches the consumer’s hands, we are sure that it will be a successful product.”

According to the press release, Gremio also deployed its vending machine kits in September at a team-sponsored banquet and sold 80 uniforms within an hour.

Shaun Carney

Shaun Carney