Baseball Australia’s Partnership With The Belgravia Group Will Help Promote New Baseball5 League

A new partnership between Baseball Australia and the Belgravia Group will see more money re-invested into the game whilst also promoting the new Baseball5 league across Australia.

The Belgravia Group, which consists of multiple Australian businesses and has become the country’s fastest-growing leisure management organisation, will become the first partner of Baseball5 in Australia, with the group’s leisure facilities set to promote and activate the growing discipline in 2020.

Baseball5 is a new five-on-five, five-inning street version of the game of Baseball/Softball that can be played anywhere and is expected to drive participation rates due to the fast-paced nature of the game.

Baseball Australia chief executive, Cam Vale, said the partnership with Belgravia Group will provide significant opportunities for baseball in Australia.

“The Belgravia Group are true innovators and have a strong brand across sport and leisure, as well as an enormous footprint across Australia and NZ across many parts of sport and sporting facilities,” he said.

The Belgravia Group was founded in 1990 by former Hawthorn Football Club president and original Melbourne Victory owner Geoff Lord.

“Through the leadership of sporting visionary Geoff Lord, as the Chairman and CEO of Belgravia Group, who has been such a great supporter of sport in this country, it is great to have him, his management and his company part of baseball in Australia,” Vale said.

Belgravia Group’s professional support and knowledge across many areas of sport is expected to provide savings to Baseball Australia, which can be reinvested back into the sport.

“Our vision is for all Australians to have access to health and leisure, and in our partnership with Baseball Australia many thousands of Australians will now have access to this sport in a new and exciting format,” Lord said.

Belgravia Group is also this week launching GOswim in conjunction with Swimming Australia, and an exciting new event called the TRIX3 Indoor Triathlon Series which another great event connecting the community to leisure.