Artist Impressions Revealed For $810 Million Redevelopment Of ANZ Stadium

The first artist impressions of the $810 million redevelopment of ANZ Stadium in Sydney Olympic Park has been released by the NSW Government and includes plans that will see the venue reconfigured as a rectangle with steeper seating to draw spectators closer to the on-field action.

The plans involve reducing the stadium’s capacity from 85,500 to 70,000, which is open for public comment.

Seating in the lower and middle sections will be altered so the seating bowl is steeper and gives people a better view of the field while bringing them closer to the action.

Parts of the northern and southern sections of the roof would be replaced to ensure all seats protect fans from the rain, while the eastern and western sections will be extended.

The plans include new entrances at the northern and southern facades and new advertising signs at both entrances, while high-definition video replay screens, LED lighting and other improvements will be included.

Amenities will be upgraded including an expansion of the food and beverage concessions, upgrades to the bathrooms including more female facilities, moving corporate suites from level 3 to level 2, upgrading change rooms to become unisex and a refresh of the member and corporate facilities.

NSW Planning Department’s compliance, industry and key sites executive director Anthea Sargeant encouraged people look at the plans and to give feedback online.

“Community consultation is an integral part of the planning process and the applicant will have to respond to the feedback we receive,” Ms Sargeant said.

The public will have until Wednesday, October 23 to comment on the plans.