Amazon And New Zealand Rugby Talk Kit Sponsorship

ew Zealand Rugby (NZR) and technology giant Amazon are reportedly discussing a shirt sponsorship deal worth NZ$ 20 million (AUD$19 million) per year.

The front of the All Blacks’ jersey currently features American International Group (AIG) with the group being the main jersey sponsor since 2012, but their deal with NZR is set to expire at the end of this year.

Reports say Amazon would use the sponsorship deal to promote its Climate Pledge Initiative in the place of the company’s name on the front of the jersey.

The initiative was created by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, in the face of the company’s large carbon footprint and aims to meet the Paris Climate agreement goals 10 years early, according to SportsPro Media.

Amazon have already worked with NZR on the 2017 documentary series “All or Nothing: New Zealand All Blacks”.

In addition to the new jersey sponsor, SportsPro Media report NZR are discussing a potential short sponsorship deal with British petrochemical company Ineos.

According to the report, the Ineos deal requires approval from NZR technical partner Adidas but could be worth around US$5.7 million (AUD$7.6 million) a year.

In June, NewsHub report environmental organisation Greenpeace called on NZR not to go ahead with the deal and described Ineos as a “merchant of plastic pollution.”

Greenpeace senior campaigner, Steve Abel, said; “As the world turns against the corporations driving climate catastrophe, NZ Rugby must not sell our soul to an English oil corporate, which is cynically wanting to greenwash its image by associating its image by associating with the All Blacks and our country’s environmental reputation.”