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About Awards

Ministry of Sport is proud to plan a great online awards program to honour the new breed, the successful startups, the power players and the legend brands that make sports administrators reveal how hard they have fought in 2021 no doubt a trying year to keep sports business alive.
These Awards will be held with an online format as we deliver the great work that national and international partners have given just to be on the field in a courageous year of where the teams and sponsors of the game came together, as one.

If you don’t play, you can’t win. The more prestigious the award, the more competition you’ll face, we want to celebrate the sporting community especially in 2020 climate around hard work and great success – Ben Parsons

So look out for our announcement coming in the next months ahead as will ramp up nominations to celebrate and place the newly reformed 2021 M Awards to leave a legacy in sporting history.
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